Molina Suaz products are made with one of three types of leathers


This is a durable leather variation with a cross-hatched pattern. This type of leather is desirable for its resilient and elegant textured finished. This popular leather also contains a wax coating to help protect against stains. Molina Suaz Card Holders, Crossbody bag and Nude Mini Backpack can be found in saffiano.


Pebbled leather

Leather accessories made with this variation of leather texture is highly sought after adding luxe touch to any outfit. You will find more natural aspects will present in this leather, as the name suggests this leather variation in identified by the raised pebble-like texture. Molina Suaz uses this leather variation for cosmetic case as well as out coloured Mini Backpacks. We use genuine pebbled leather and add a very thin clear, protective finish to help to protect the leather underneath.

Spoiler Alert: The Khaki Mini Backpack is our all-time favourite!


Smooth Leather

The Smooth leather variation is seen in Molina Suaz’s Weekender bag. We use top grain cowhide leather that has a smooth buttery texture. This leather variation you will find the most natural aspects of leather such as as natural wrinkles and markings.

How do I look after my leather bags? 
All leather variations will have their own unique natural markings, creases and characteristics. It is important to note that over time you can expect your leather items to soften.

Removing dirt from your bags can be done using a damp microfiber cloth with warm water and then gently dab the product. Do not use rough movements as this may damage the leather.

To preserved the elegance and integrity of your items make sure that you avoid letting your bags rub against surfaces which are sharp or rough surfaces which may scratch and damage the leather. Prolonged heat exposure, water and permanent dies should also be avoided.

Hand moisturisers and lotions are one of the main culprits that result in dark marks or stains on leather products. As most leathers can absorb these quite quickly (particularly those with no protective finish) it is important that you dap this off the product as soon as you can. Make sure that you handle your leather item with cleans hands to avoid this.


How do I look after my monogramming? 
At Molina Suaz we manually monogram your items to create unique personalised gifts or simply, a beautiful accessory that is unique to you. We use the hot stamping method to making an impression in the leather and then we use special foils to transfer colour into the monogram.

As monogramming is done by hand there will be slight variations with how the product is imprinted.

The Monogrammed part of you item may eventually fade over time. In order to preserve the monogrammed part of your item for as long as possible we recommend you avoid touching the area with chemicals, water or your hands, as natural oils from your body can also cause this to fade.