Molina Suaz
(Pronounced "Swa-z") 

Molina Suaz is an Australian based leather goods accessories brand that lets you carry a touch of elegance and class with you wherever you go. Our products are made with top quality, vegan and genuine leather and are designed with practicality, simplicity and elegance in mind.

We believe that elegance and class is most beautiful when the personality of our customers shines through, so we encourage you to add some spice! We’ve made our product sleek, versatile and minimalistic so they can enhance and complement your personal style, whether that’s going to a business meeting, attending a special event or having a catch up with good friends.

We know our customers are already elegant and all class. At Molina Suaz, we feel that class is in the details, so we are here to help give you the finishing touch.

Why the name Molina Suaz?

The Molina Suaz name is a blend of the surnames of our founder’s grandparents, Rodolfo Molina and Ines Suazo. Their character and beliefs inspired what the Molina Suaz brand is today.

Rodolfo Molina – A hustler from the age of 14 and an inspiration to our founder. When his father passed away, he found himself having to look after his 10 siblings. A compassionate man, he valued resilience and versatility. He looked at the practically of things and focused on how he could add value for others in his life.

Ines Suaz – A classy women with an eye for detail and quality. She believed that simplicity led to the creation of beautiful accessories. A strong woman, she always spiced things up by putting her personal style on things and made it a point to walk through life with elegance and grace.  

Elegance, Simplicity, Practicality and Spice.

Molina Suaz.